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The Fundamentals - Course Bundle

Are you new to PMU or need PMU fundamental training? These fundamental courses are essential for beginners and anyone seeking core knowledge. Three courses are included in this bundle: Machine & Movements, Needle Theory, and Color Theory.

In the Machine & Movements Course, you will learn everything you will need to know about machines and the six core movements used in PMU. In this course I will teach you everything you need to know about machines. I will provoke your thoughts on many different levels.  Although the only thing I cannot do…is actually put a machine in your hand, this course is so in-depth, detailed and stimulating, I feel confident you will leave this course with a very good understanding of what you need and want in a machine. 

The Needle Theory Course will go over choosing and using the right needle for each procedure you are doing. Choosing the right needle directly impacts our work and our results. Teryn is one of the select few cosmetic tattoo artists who learned the dying art of needle making and for years every procedure she performed was done with a needle she made. She understands the importance and complexities of tattoo needles. With thousands of procedures to her credit, Teryn will guide you through the science of needles ensuring that the outcome of your procedures becomes more predictable. She will give you the insight necessary to analytically and artistically explore the heart of procedure perfection…the needle.

The PMU Color Theory Course is all about Color Theory, Skin Undertones, Corrections, The Science of Pigments and so much more. Color Theory is one of the most important topics a PMU artist must learn. The face is what we tattoo and we must learn the color and undertone aspects of it.  It is our responsibility to learn it and to understand it. Color Theory can also be one of the hardest topics to learn and understand.  This course will change all that for you and empower you with knowledge and confidence.

This is a BUNDLE Package, once enrolled you will be given access to 3 Online Courses.

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