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Color Theory Course by Teryn Darling

Color Theory is one of the most important topics a PMU artist must learn. The face is what we tattoo and we must learn the color and undertone aspects of it.  It is our responsibility to learn it and to understand it.  Color Theory can also be one of the hardest topics to learn and understand.  This course will change all that for you and empower you with knowledge and confidence. 

This PMU Color Theory Course is all about Color Theory, Skin Undertones, Corrections, The Science of Pigments and so much more.   This is a pre-recorded webinar class that is 9 hours long. That’s right…over 9 hours of pure color theory education.  This class has become the highest referred and regarded Color Theory Class in the industry today.

As a versatile artist with a large, diversified clientele, Teryn has combined her experience in the skin along with her knowledge of pigments and undertones to create an in-depth, detailed and interesting class that will leave you awestruck with a whole new confidence in this topic. 

Teryn will briefly introduce you to the owners of Li Pigments and their company.  Darlene and Mytia Story are not only proud black women who have been dedicated to and serving the PMU for the last 28 years, they are mother and daughter.   

Then you will dive into The Science of Pigments, scientific facts about organics, iron oxides, lightfastness, titanium, MRI’s, and so much more.

Teryn will then walk you through the Aqua and MicroEdge line, and go deep into modifiers…why they are important, how to use, when to use them and how much to use.  Although this section is pertaining to Li Pigments formulations, Teryn teaches it in a way that it can be applied to any pigment line.

The Skin Undertones portion of this class is mind blowing with how Teryn teaches every aspect of it.  This section will change your life as a PMU artist.   Cool, Neutral and Warm…Teryn explains it all in a way that it’s easily understood, in a way that will make choosing pigments easier than ever before.  Not only does she explain Cool skin tones, she developed an easy to understand formula of three different levels of cool…very interesting and very detailed.

The course finishes up with the Correction section. Every PMU artist at some point will get called upon to fix bad work.  It is very rewarding work and it’s important to understand how to do it properly.

This course will also provide you with a downloadable Handout and  Training Certificate.



1.  The Science of Pigments: The facts about pigments are taught in this section.  Learn the difference between Iron Oxides and Organics,  Titanium,  Carbon and how to avoid the risk of migration, MRI and MRI reactions and so much more. This is a very interesting section and information all techs should know.

2.  Li Pigment Brow and Modifier Colors: If you use Li Pigments Aqua line this will absolutely teach you all about the colors in this line and how to use them.  Teryn goes deep into modifiers and dispels all the myths surrounding modifiers. Learn when you really do have to add warmth to a target color and how much to add.  If you do not use Li Pigments you will still find this segment very interesting and gain alot of knowledge as Teryn teaches this in a way every single artist can relate it to the line they do use.

3.  Identifying Skin Undertones and Color Corrections: In order to pick the right color and in order to know if you need to add any warmth at all…you need to learn and completely understand the skin undertone and overtone.  Teryn will simplify the complicated and forever change the way you look at skin.  This segment  will be a true mind blowing segment full of so many moments that will give you the confidence and skill needed to assess skin and choose the right color no matter what pigment line you use…because it is universal information taught only the way Teryn can teach it.

4. Corrections: Most technicians are reporting that correcting eyebrows is almost 50% of their paid work.   In this segment Teryn will teach you exactly how to correct blue, gray, green, red, pink, orange and purple brows….all the colors that will come knocking on your door.  You will learn corrective modifiers inside and out and exactly which modifier to use and how to use it in order to turn any color eyebrow back to an attractive brow color.  This is an important segment to all technicians and it will give you the skill set to help those that need it.

Whether you are performing the powder brow, hair stroke with machine or the micro-bladed brow. This is a must have class for every single PMU tech no matter what pigment line you use.  All students will be provided with a detailed downloadable handout and a certificate.

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