Mara Pro Create & Edit 2.0 Online Course

PMU Portfolio. Making and Editing Content.

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Create & Edit 2.0. PMU Portfolio. Making and Editing Content.

This course is designed for any PMU artist wanting to elevate their portfolio and booking sales. Elevate your photo and video quality by setting yourself up with the right equipment, tips and editing.

27 lessons
2 hours of video content

Taking Photos & Clips: All Tips Revealed

  • Equipment Setup
  • Lips: Standing
  • Lips with Gloss: Standing
  • Macro Lips: Laying Down
  • Eyes: Standing
  • Eyes: Laying Down
  • Brows: Standing
  • Brows: Laying Down
  • Full Face: Standing
  • Full Face: Laying Down Cinematic + Camera


Photos & Video Edits

  • Choosing Photos
  • Blended Collage. Lips.
  • Lips: Editing the Skin
  • Brows. Making a Collage
  • Brows: Editing the Skin
  • Photo & Video Color Correction (Reduce the Redness!)
  • Additional Face & Skin Effects
  • Bonus Tip. "When photos have different temperature, but you want to make a flawless collage out of them"
  • Full Face Video Edits
  • Feed Preview Tips


iPhone Photo Settings

  • Content Settings


Shopping List: Photo Equipment

  • Products Used in Class


List of Apps & Written Tips

  • Apps & Instructions


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