Mara Pro Dark Lips Online Course

Working with Dark Pigmentation

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Mara Pro Dark Lips Online Course

This course is designed for advanced artists who already have experience working with Lips and want to learn MARA methods of lip neutralization.

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41 lessons
5 hours of video content

Theoretical Part

  • Watercolor Dark Lips.
  • Skin. Its Structure.
  • Contraindications.
  • Art Aspect. Shaping lips for lip blush. Shaping lips with dark pigmentation. The difference.
  • Pigments and Their Types. Organic, Inorganic. White Colorant Explanation.
  • On This Note...
  • Color Theory Basics. Pigment Breakdown.
  • Undertones. Types of Melanins. The reason for Dark Lips.
  • Mara Colors
  • Melanin & Pigmentation
  • Pigment Mixing.
  • Lip Blush on Dark Lips.
  • Candidates with Dark Pigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation.
  • Needle Choice for Dark Pigmentation Lip Blush
  • Cross Shading Techniques.
  • Technical Aspect. Equipment.
  • Common Questions & Hand Movements
  • Watercolor Lip Blush Protocol


Latex and Board

  • Demonstration of Advanced Techniques on Latex.
  • Color Intensity and technique adjustment for dark lips.
  • PMU Techniques on the Board
  • Complementary Colors. Cover Ups on Dark Lips.


Demonstration Work

  • Client's Consultation. Identifying the darkness. Photos for Portfolio. Prep for the procedure.
  • Technique for pre drawing lips with pigmentation. Perfect sketch and hands position for it.
  • Sketch Approval. Color Choice.
  • My technique for saving the shape on dark lips. First Pass and Perfect Outline.
  • Dark Lips Neutralization. No primary numbing.
  • Coloring Pass. Stretching positions.
  • Target color. Holding the lips properly to not cause swelling.
  • Shading movements. How to color inner part of the lips properly.
  • How to make dark lips look pink during the first session without keeping them just neutralized. Numbing and Gliding Products.
  • During the process pics. Tips. How to work on full lips.
  • Corners and Cupid's Bow. Perfect Saturation.
  • Final Result. Prep for portfolio photos. Tips for Photos.


After Care, Tips & Personal Advice

  • Key Products for Lip Blush Procedure
  • After Care Instructions
  • Personal Advice To YOU


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