Mara Pro Signature "Watercolor Lips" Online Demonstration

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Signature "Watercolor Lips" Demonstration

During this demonstration work you'll be able to observe signature Watercolor Lips technique.

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7 lessons
2.5 hours of video content

Watercolor Lips

  • Prep. Tools for sketch. Drawing the shape.
  • Saving the shape. Numbing.
  • Color choice. Explaining how to achieve WATERCOLOR Effect. Needle Choice. Needle and Client position adjustment.
  • First pass. Saving the outline. Proper fingers placement. Correct Numbing. "Three Steps Rule".
  • Second pass. Counting movements. Fordyce spots explained. Discussing client's re-numbing. Needle Switch.
  • Fordyce spots coverage methods. Final & perfecting third pass. Preparing lips for final look before client's check. Making shots for portfolio.


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