Ever After Pigments - Pumpkin Spice

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Ever After Pigments - Pumpkin Spice

A warm, very saturated and medium value orange with neutral orange undertones when diluted.
Slightly lighter than Desert Sunset.
Add to browns or blondes for a deeper neutral strawberry blondes.
Can be used as a modifier to neutralize purple and deep blues.
CI-21160, CI-21095, CI-77491, CI-11741, CI-77266


Ever After Pigments high quality and a superior pigment load combined with high lightfastness and durability, results in less need for touch-ups and less trauma to the skin. As an added benefit, its high level of opacity facilitates great results when covering up pre-existing and old work.

Ever After Pigments is the first company in the PMU market to be inspired by traditional body art tattoo ink formulas and adapt them specifically for PMU applications. They have dedicated all their energy in creating a product of unparalleled quality and consistency, ensuring that there is never any need for hidden ingredients or false advertising.

The pigments have been developed for machine as well as manual uses (micropigmentation, paramedical).  Artists and technicians can apply with or without modifying or diluting depending on the specific use and unique personal esthetic.

US Made・Worldwide Certified・Vegan・Organic

Beauty Stuff Australia is an official distributor of Ever After Pigments.


Brand Ever After Pigments

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