BROVI (HYBRID) Sveta Schwarz Primer - Noir 15ml

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Brovi Sveta Schwarz Primer Noir 15ml


Color #3 Noir from SVETA SCHWARZ PRIMER SET is an absolute novelty in the world of permanent makeup.

Gentle unique colors are designed to simplify the PMU artist's work and provide the most natural results.

Our lead artist and author of this set, Svetlana Schwartz, will tell us more about this product.

Sveta Schwartz : "The idea of creating primers came to me gradually. When dealing with challenging lips or a being asked to create volume and retain naturalness at the same time, like many craftsmen, I had to mix the available colors to create a shade that would satisfy the customer's request. The main task always remained the same—to evenly implant the ink.
Nowadays, PMU artists use ready-made colors and handle unevenness of the lips simply by increasing the concentration of pigment in the gaps. As I became involved in PMU removal, I began to encounter such PMU a lot and observed its behavior after certain periods. Even tightly implanted pigment looks uneven in the skin over time if the source material is not perfect. So I came up with the idea of "priming" the lips before the treatment (as makeup artists do; and in many industries we can observe the need for work performed in several steps, such as priming walls before painting them, when painting cars, etc.).
An important requirement for the product was a high concentration of dyeing substance, so I could obtain a uniform veil by working with the lightest possible pressure and not implant more material than necessary. I had no idea how to create such ink myself, and mixing it from ready-made products would not be professional and accurate. But later I joined the BROVI PRO TEAM. This is where I found the solution."

PRIMER literally acts as a primer in this case. That is, they are designed to even out the tone of the lips in the presence of scars, irregularities, lack of contour or excessively "cool" natural color.
Quite often this manipulation is enough for the client, and there is no need to use decorative colors in subsequent treatments. Lips look fresh, the color is even and natural. It is also possible to visually increase the volume of the lips to their own possible limits, in the absence of their pigmentation along the contour.
Using primer #3 Noir pure or mixing it with primer #1 Body, you can tint the white lip roller to the acceptable limits, lightly blending it along the red border, and then proceed with the usual treatment using the decorative shades from the Lips palette. With this approach to the treatment, a PMU artist will achieve a perfect healed result and visually enlarge the lips of the client.
Another purpose is to neutralize the cool natural lip shade. Preparation of such lips with a primer will outdate the well-known rule: "You cannot work with cool color on cool lips." In cases where you need to work with a cool shade on the lips, primers act as correctors and enable you to use absolutely any color in subsequent treatments. Not only we correct the warmness of the source, but also eliminate possible color unevenness.

Primers should be applied superficially, without a lot of pressure and preferably at low voltages.
The recommended needle diameter is 0.25–0.30 (and long taper).
Always use diluent at following ratio: 1 drop of diluent per 2–3 drops of primer. On the initial treatment, it is advisable to make a maximum of 2.5 passes, as it is important to understand the product and not to use it as a regular ink.
Any primers can be blended together. For example, Body primer can nicely warm up Noir, which in turn can give depth to Body or Nude. Primers can be mixed with other lip pigments, but it is recommended to split the application of different colors into two different sessions: the first session for the primer, the second one for the decorative color.

#3 Noir is the deepest and most distinctive shade in the palette. In the hands of different PMU artists it gives different results. Magic? No, it's just multifaceted. Ideal for contouring, masking lip scars and creating 3D effects. Suitable as a decorative shade. It can be used to add depth to other shades.

#3 Noir: Aqua, Rosin, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Alcohol, CI 77491, CI 21095, CI 12477, CI 12466, CI 21110, CI 74160, CI 77891



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