BROVI (HYBRID) Artist Lip Pigment Blend - Salted Caramel & Cocoa Beans (2 x 5ml)

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Brovi Salted Caramel & Cocoa Beans

The inspiration behind BROVI into creating their own pigments stemmed from a noticeable void in the market for high-quality inks that could truly meet the rigorous demands of professionals.

What sets BROVI pigments apart is their remarkable ability to retain color, boasting an impressive 80–90% retention even after the initial treatment.

At the core of their mission is a desire to reshape the conventional perception of the PMU artist's craft. They firmly believe that, within an atmosphere of continual self-improvement and technical advancement, PMU artists should shed the misconceptions surrounding inks and instead channel their focus towards enhancing the quality of their artistry. With BROVI PMU, artists can trust in the superior quality of their pigments.

Infused with safe glycerin, our pigments eliminate the need for additional thickeners. This glycerin content plays a crucial role in preserving delicate lines, particularly significant for PMU artists employing the hair stroke technique, ensuring that lines remain crisp and enduring over time. The lip pigments are formulated with a minimal amount of titanium dioxide, steering clear of skin dehydration and preventing undesirable shifts in color. While maintaining the essential vibrancy of colors, BROVI pigments strike the perfect balance, ensuring longevity and excellence in PMU artistry.

**Please note that the result will vary depending on many factors. This is just an example of a colour that has been achieved using these pigments.



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