How to Read the Label on BROVI PMU Ink Bottles

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You may be able to Google all the indicated components, but things are a bit different with infographics.

What are the symbols depicted on the BROVI labels?

The full range of mandatory infographics is contained on labels for 15 ml bottles:

Этикетка пигментов для перманентного макияжа БРОВИ

1. STERILE — a sterile product. In our case, this means that we sterilize bottles, caps, and spouts-dispensers in special solutions and dry the containers in drying cabinets. The ink itself is also sterile, as it contains components that ensure sterility.

However, the infographics on the BROVI cartridges are slightly different. They are marked with the sign sterile eo, which means sterilization of packaged products with S-90 gas (ethylene oxide).


Уменьшенная этикетка пигментов для перманентного макияжа БРОВИ объема 5 мл

2. ECO — such infographics can be used to mark products if the company has received an Environmental Safety Certificate. You can view our eco-certificate here.

3. 12M — an оunsealed product can be used within one year (12 months).

4. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS — speaks for itself. The product and its components are not tested on animals.

5. CERTIFIED VEGAN — BROVI ink does not contain animal-derived products and is 100% suitable for vegans.

6. ПЭ — a voluntary certification mark. That very certificate of conformity that everyone in our region wants to see. Depending on the certifying body, the sign may differ (for example, PST. The RST sign used to be present on the labeling). You can check out our ink PE certificates in the product cards.

7. EAC — a mark of circulation of BROVI inks on the Eurasian Economic Union market. Such marking is allowed if the product has passed all the procedures established in the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union and has obtained all the mandatory certificates. You can familiarize yourself with our EAC certificates here.

8. DATE OF PRODUCTION — of the most important markings on our label. We draw the attention of customers to the fact that the label indicates the date of production of the inks, not their expiration date. From the indicated date, the BROVI ink can be stored sealed for two years (24 months) and one year (12 months) from the moment the bottle is unsealed.

We date our labels ourselves, using special equipment only after a batch of a specific color is ready.

This is what it looks like:

Датирование этикетов для перманентного макияжа БРОВИ на станке

Not all infographics are mandatory for use on labels. Therefore, the volume of infographics on labels for 5 ml bottles is significantly reduced. The symbols themselves do not differ from those that you can see on labels for 15 ml bottles, but in this case, we only indicate the mandatory ones.

Уменьшенная этикетка пигментов для перманентного макияжа БРОВИ объема 5 мл

And please do not confuse the production dates with the expiration dates. The expiration date of the ink is not indicated on our labels.

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