Barrier Film/Tape Dispenser

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Barrier Film/Tape Dispenser

This dispenser is designed to store and dispense a roll of barrier film. Each roll of barrier film has 1200 sheets of adhesive plastic that are used to cover handles, surfaces and objects that would otherwise need to be disinfected. Barrier film is particularly handy for covering hard to clean areas, like the handle on an adjustable light, tattoo machines and other tools.

Each dispenser has four rubber feet to prevent moving around when you pull out each sheet. The dispenser has a sturdy plastic construction with white sides and a clear centre giving a 360 degree view of the barrier film inside. This lets you know when your barrier film needs changing.

These are super-easy to open up and swap out a roll of barrier film. 

PLEASE NOTE: this product doesn't come with a roll of film, you can find barrier film here.


SKU WG-013

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