InLei "IN TRAY" Metallic Tray

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InLei "IN TRAY" Metallic Tray

The In Lei InTray is made from ultra-durable stainless steel and provides you with a comfortable solution to storing and disinfecting tools.


  • Ultra-resistant stainless steel
  • Comfortable and multifunctional
  • Total dimensions; 200mm x 97mm x 10mm
  • Grooves to prevent tool movement
  • Remains tint/stain free

In addition, the tray is equipped with a deeper part, suitable for immersing silicone curlers, Y brush and various tools, in the INLEI sanitising liquid "F PLUS". 

It washes easily with running water, does not rust and does not oxidise.


  • Pour plenty of InLei® “F PLUS” liquid sanitiser in to the deep section, taking care to soak curlers or other tools by covering them completely.
  • Soak for 5 – 30 minutes. (5 min bactericidal effect, 30 min sporicide effect)
  • Rinse, dry with cloth or disposable paper.

Contains: 1 stainless steel tray.


Brand InLei

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