Eyelash Adhesive - Ultimate Grip

5 ml

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Eyelash Adhesive - Ultimate Grip - 5ml

The second adhesive in The Lash Merchant range has been used extensively on various client types and has passed our rigorous testing for high rates of retention, ease of use, and low fumes.

Ideal for both classic and volume lashes.

  • Thin, creamy-like consistency
  • Low fume 
  • Drying time: 1-2 seconds (much faster under ideal conditions!)
  • Retention: 6 - 7 weeks (if using mid-length natural lashes)
  • Recommended Room Temp: 19 - 25C
  • Humidity: 40 - 60% - its best performance is the 40% - 50% range
  • This adhesive will need its drop changed every 15 minutes for it to be at its most effective, especially in a higher humidity. 
  • For professional use only by trained eyelash stylists
  • For your retention to be its best - change the drop every 15 minutes, only 1 drop of adhesive on your stone at a time, educate your clients on aftercare, ingredients to avoid and the need for washing their lashes at least 3-4 times a week.


  • Shake bottle well before each use.
  • ONLY ever have 1 drop of adhesive on your stone at a time so old drops will not interfere in the new drop's purity.
  • After each drop wipe the nozzle with TLM adhesive nozzle wipes to avoid blockage of your adhesive nozzle. 
  • Keep your bottle upright at all times, stored in a cool, dark area - a sealed jar with rice, or an adhesive storage jar.
  • Always lash in a well ventilated room. Air out your room whenever possible.
  • Always wear a mask to protect yourself from the adhesive fumes and clients face.
  • If possible, have a small fan behind you, blowing over your shoulder so as to move the adhesive fumes away from yourself and from your clients heads. 
  • Where possible do not lash off the clients head or back of your hand (rather to the side of the client's head) so you can best protect your long term health from the adhesive fumes and accidental spillage to the clients face and head. 


Brand The Lash Merchant

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